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Drone Surveys

We have a remote licensed pilot

Risk Management is an integral component in achieving strategic and operational objectives in managing risk exposures and the use of a Drone Survey, in addition with a Property Underwriting Report, provides never before seen real time visual footage of an insured site that allows the insured/broker/underwriter to obtain a realistic appreciation of the operation of the risk with particular emphasis on: –

External exposures including separation from other buildings/storage of goods/ site security /housekeeping (internal and external)/ yard storage /surrounding occupancy exposures/appreciation of the risk size/roof and structure including condition and any signs of dilapidation, lifting or flashing/height of structure.

Drone video footage provides the insured / broker / underwriter with a unique look at how the risk presents in real time with significant savings in travel time and associated costs of visiting the site.

We will be able to provide this maximum visual product for low additional cost for increased return.

** Small extract of video supplied above

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